Characteristics of Uttara Phalguni / Uthram Nakshatra

Uttara Phalguni in the Vedic order is ruled by Bhaga, the God of happiness. This is the 12th nakshatra of the zodiac ruled by Sun. This nakshatra spans in Leo to in Kanya.

Uttara Phalguni / Uthram Nakshatra

Uttara Phalguni / Uthram Nakshatra
Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra

Location: 26.40 Leo to 10.00 Virgo
Ruler: Sun
Deity: Aryaman (the God of patronage and kindness)
Symbol: Two rear legs of the bed
Animal: Bull
Lucky color: Bright Blue
Ruling Deity of Sun: Shiva
Gender: Female
Gana: Manushya
Guna: Rajasic

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra characteristics: They are noble, friendly, independent, live in comfort and luxury, and place emphasis on healing others.

They are quite energetic and like to do everything smartly. It can be considered as a quality of them that they are always active. They will get respect from doing social works. When it comes on planning future, they are quite expert in that. Just because of this particular quality, they may succeed in politics. They are quite ambitious and try to fulfill big desires. When it comes on doing small things, they just don't like it. Also, they don't like to change their profession again and again because they like to do something with stability. They will get more benefits from government departments.

When they befriend someone, they stay connected with them for long. They always stay ready to learn something and because of this quality they always succeed. However, they stay happy and blissful, and are quite lucky in certain matters. They try to do everything with honesty and sincerity, and are quite religious. They have a pure heart, but it is important for them to keep a control over their anger. It is their speciality to help others without expecting anything and they are a storehouse of knowledge. They like to do everything themself. To have a different personality in the society, they stay well prepared for it. In order to protect the honor and respect of others, they always stay ready. They usually stay away from arguments.

Their speech is effective and knowledgeable and they enjoy an honest and truthful life. Also, they don't miss the opportunity of helping people using their wealth and power. They are efficient in saving money as well. Additionally, they may get ancestral property. Financially, they are independent. They get benefits from the works related to the public relations. When it comes on hard work, they are never afraid, which fetches them success. There might be some struggle till the age of 32, but they will do great after 38.

Uttara Phalguni nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: The males born in this nakshatra are self-dependent, and rarely take the help of anyone in their professional career. They earn well in jobs wherein they have to directly deal with customers. Personality-wise, they are also very stubborn and it’s difficult to change their decision once they have made it.

The females are calm, cool-headed even in the most adverse situations. They are simple by nature and have a talent for numbers aka mathematics in general. They can earn well through teaching, administrative jobs, and even through modeling or acting.

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