Characteristics of Hastha / Atham

Hastham or Hasta is ruled by Savitar, the creative form of the Sun God. This is the 13th nakshatra of the zodiac, ruled by Moon. Hasta spans in Kanya.

Hastha / Atham

Hastha / Atham
Hasta Nakshatra

Location: 10.00 Virgo to 23.20 Virgo
Ruler: Moon
Deity: Savitar (an aspect of Surya, that is jovial, carefree and imparts creativity)
Symbol: Hand
Animal: Female Buffalo
Lucky color: Deep Green
Ruling Deity of Moon: Parvati
Gender: Male
Gana: Deva
Guna: Rajasic

Hasta Nakshatra characteristics: They are highly resourceful, active, practical, and have immense purity in their thoughts and actions.

They like discipline and face all the problems without causing offence or revealing confidential information. As their mind is sharp, they get many new ideas. Even after becoming the victim of cheaters and frauds, they don't say anything against the wrong doings of others. By nature, they are calm and they have a magnetism in their personality. They are contented, social, and friendly. Extremely sharp in studies and have good command over language. The quality of understanding any subject is their virtue. They just settle down everywhere with few sweet words and have wittiness as well. In spite of having so much of mental strength, they can't take decisions immediately.

As they love peace, they stay away from tiffs. They are a bit hesitant and not open, still they manage to make new friends. Also, they know very well how to get their works done by friends. As per their benefits, they change their friends. Apart from job, they enjoy doing business more; because of this they will be more successful here. They cherish all types of material bliss. Their life is happy and they get respect due to their work. They are just dedicated toward what they decide to pursue. Their decisions cannot be changed as per people; they just do what they feel like to. Usually, they don't have to face any financial problem because they know very well how to save money. They are always ready to help others, and not at all believe in show-off. There are many ups and downs in their family, but they always keep smiling.

They have expertise in finishing off the issues. That is why they are a good counsellor as well. They are efficient in giving advice to people in a positive and fun way because they consider this life a play and this world a playground. Mentally and physically, they always stay active because they don't like to sit idle. They may have a joyful nature, but they don't tolerate any mistake. It is their special quality to get the desired aim with their efforts.

Hasta nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: The males born in hasta nakshatra are disciplined, are born leaders and possess a good educational foundation, and excellent general knowledge. Being avid listeners, they are great at resolving conflicts.

If we look at the Atham nakshatra female characteristics, we notice that they are usually shy, have great regard for elders but are outspoken as well.

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