Lullabies, loris, thalattu, tharattu songs in various Indian languages

Just like adults can relax to music, babies and young children are comforted by the soothing melodies sung as lullabies by their parents. Around the world, parents like you have been singing lullabies as a way of settling their young ones or sending them to sleep.

Singing lullabies can help to strengthen the bond between parent and child and children benefit from hearing the familiar comforting voice. The repetitive tunes of the lullabies comforts the babies reminding them of their mother's heart beat while in the womb.

We at present here a collection of lullabies, loris, thalattu, tharattu etc. songs in various Indian languages for the benefit of parents like you. These are popular film songs or traditional folk songs which are carried forward by each generation to their children.


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