Leo baby traits and character, Zodiac astrology of Leo child

An active child who is always on the move, Leo babies are friendly who likes to hog all the attention. They love parties and are full of energy. They are adventurous and sometimes reckless. They love playing games which involves a lot of physical energy.

A Leo kid may not mind sharing his priced toys with other children and are generous. Because the Leo child likes to play games with physical activities, when it comes to a Leo Girl child, you will see that she is always with the boys when it is time to play.

When parenting a Leo child, ensure hat they have the freedom to grow and experiment. Emotionally they can be turbulent and dramatic. A Leo child is trusting and needs plenty of love. Do not lie to them even if it is just to flatter as this can be hurt them. Since they like to involve in physical activities, they are always an helping hand when it comes to house hold chores.

Teach your kids the value of money and be watchful as their generous nature can lead to a lot of expenses.