Characteristics of Ashlesha Nakshatra

Ashlesha is ruled by the serpent God. This is the ninth nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning in Karaka house. It is the birth star of Ketu. The force of Aslesha can be understood by its name Naga.

Ashlesha Nakshatra

Ashlesha Nakshatra
Ashlesha Nakshatra

Location: 16.40 Cancer to 30.00 Cancer
Ruler: Mercury
Deity: The Nagas (Serpent deities of Wisdom)
Symbol: Coiled Serpent
Animal: Male Cat
Lucky color: Black-Red
Ruling Deity of Mercury: Vishnu
Gender: Female
Gana: Rakshasa
Guna: Satwic

Ashlesha Nakshatra characteristics: They are skilled in research and writing, are sharp, mystical and have the ability to entertain.

They mostly have a healthy physique and have some amount of luck. Their speech has the magic of spell-binding everyone. There is a chance that they may have to talk to people; they won't mind spending hours discussing about a topic. Their face is square with beautiful features and small eyes. There might be a mole or mark on their face. Their intelligence and leadership abilities keep on inspiring them to be on top. They just don't like any interference in their freedom. So, one must make sure that their words are not rejected while conversing with them.

One of their qualities include the fact that they can do anything for their friends. Sometimes, they forget to feel gratitude towards those who have helped them in one way or the other. In such situations there are chances that their relations with them might get disturbed. At times, their anger also makes people go against them. So, keep a control over it always. However, they are quite friendly and social. They are capable of analyzing a problem before its arrival. Hence, they usually stay prepared for them. It is not is their nature to trust anyone blindly. This saves them from getting cheated. They enjoy delicious and rich food, but must stay away from intoxication. Their mind is always busy thinking and doing something; and they enjoy working in a mysterious way. They are expert in making people hypnotized with their words. It will give them success in the field of politics.

They have leadership qualities and with right skill, they can be on the top. When it comes on hard work, they chose to do smart work. They will stay close to people till the time they are benefitting them. It is their expertise to judge people and utilize them as per their needs. Once they decide something, they just stick to it. Also, they are good orators and an artist. If they start speaking, they only stop when they are done with whatever they wanted to say.

Ashlesha nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: The Males aren’t grateful to anyone (not even parents), but they are great orators and are fit for leadership. Professionally, Arts and Commerce suit them the best.

The females born under Ashlesha nakshatra are cunning and blessed with the ability to persuade people. They can do well in administrative roles.

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