Characteristics of Anusham / Anuradha

The Nakshatra Anusham or Anuradha is ruled by Mitra, the Divine Friend. This is the 17th nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning in the sign of Vrishchika. Anuradha Nakshatra gives balance in the relationship, both honoring others and seeking ourselves to be honorable.

Anusham / Anuradha

Anusham / Anuradha nakshatra
Anuradha Nakshatra

Location: 3.20 Scorpio to 16.00 Scorpio
Ruler: Saturn
Deity: Mitra (the Sun God that bestows the ability to develop and sustain friendships)
Symbol: Lotus
Animal: Female Deer or Hare
Lucky color: Reddish Brown
Ruling Deity of Saturn: Hanuman
Gender: Male
Gana: Deva
Guna: Tamasic

Anuradha Nakshatra characteristics: They are fun-loving and love traveling.

They have profound faith on God. That is the reason why they don't get upset in any difficult situation. Hurdles may come in their life, but they won't be able to shake them from their path because they are hard workers. They will start earning at a very young age. Their life is quite filled with struggles. For mental peace, they have to put regular efforts. As they are quite straightforward, they say everything that comes to their mind. It is not in their nature to keep anything in their heart. That is why sometimes people get hurt by their words. Whenever they try to help someone, they do it with all their heart and soul. They are not show offs.

As they stay quite serious about their aim, they manage to be successful but after many hurdles. Whatever opportunity comes to them, they try to utilize it to the fullest. They are more interested in doing business than work. Business skills are being carried by from their childhood. Hence, they may get really successful in it. If they are working in a job, they will be able to make all their seniors in their favor. They are quite disciplined in their life and give a lot of importance to the principles of life. They try to maintain complete discipline in their work. Being followers of principles, they don't have many friends and their circle is quite small. They will get the lessons of life by their struggles.

Those who know the qualities of their personality, will take suggestions from them because they are quite experienced. There is a miraculous skill in them to get rid of any difficult situation. If their wealth is concerned, they will have ample of it because they are interested in investing on property or keeping it as savings. Due to this tendency of making investments, they will be quite rich.

Anuradha nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: The males in this nakshatra come with great looks, and the aptitude to handle difficult situations with ease. They are hard-working and are prone to succeed in business.

Females have an innocent demeanor with an interest in music and fine arts. Their chances of being successful in social and political fields are higher and they might attain a high degree of knowledge in music or dance.

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