Virgo baby traits and character, Zodiac astrology of Virgo child

A healthy child who is quick and alert, they Virgo baby is an entertainer. They are likely to talk early and mimic and can be an excellent mimic. They will also pick up a book sooner than the other kids.

The Virgo kid is a shy kid and will become upset if you tease him or put him in a situation to face a crowd. This means that he will need lot of coaxing to go out and make friends. This will also lead to solitude and loneliness and as a parent you will have to take out the fear out of the child to face situations as these.

Since they don't go out often, they are always an helping hand when it comes to doing house hold chores. Virgo children are reliable, honest and usually tidy. They are very and careful with their belongings and may not share their toys with other children for this reason.

Your Virgo child will be an avid reader and will have a good collection of fairy tales and comic books.