Why choose an hindu indian name?

Namakaran, The Hindu naming ceremony

According to Numerology, If your name comes to a good number it helps you do well in your life, the same goes for your surname and your complete name. A bad number on the other hand, could give rise to obstacles. This would be applicable across all facets of life including friendship, business, marriage, health problems, business etc.

If your child's name is numerologically correct from childhood then he or she will always do great in studies and all activities. You need not worry about the child's future as his or her vibrations are correct and things will happen his or her way.

The naming of a child is one of the most fundamental Hindu "samskars" or scripture based rites. The names Hindus select are such that their meaning can inspire the children to follow the path of righteousness. Hindu names are generally suggestive of divine qualities.

A common practice among Hindus is to choose baby Hindu names for their children after the names of sages, saints, holy persons, deities, and the names Hindu scriptures have for incarnations of God. It is believed that by repeatedly calling such names one is reminded of the Lord and is able to move closer to the ultimate goal, i.e. achieving moksha.

It is also observed that Hindu deity names are numerologically correct and does not require any alterations.