Deepavali or Diwali related baby names

Deepavali or Diwali

Deepavali or Diwali celebrated in the last quarter of the calendar is a Hindu festival marking the victory of the good or the evil. Deepavali means the "row of lights" and the festival is associated with light and festivities. For those babies born during Deepavali or Diwali, we recommend the below list of names which is inspired by this festival.

Adeep = The light of Vishnu
Alok, Aalok = Brightness, Light
Archisha = a ray of light

Chirag = lamp

Deepa = A lamp
Deepak = light
Deepankar = one who lights the lamp
Deepali, Dipali = Row of lamps
Deependra = lord of lights
Deepika = little light
Dipen = Lord of the lamp
Diya = light, lamp

Hemaprakash = golden light

Jagdeep = Light of the Universe
Jayaprabha = light of victory
Jyoti = Light

Kanchanprabha= golden light
Kanti= Light
Kuldeep = light of family

Lakshmi = Goddess of Wealth
Leora = Light
Lokprakash = light of the world

Mandeep = light of heart
Manjyot = light of the mind

Navtej = New Light

Onella = Light

Prabha = Light
Pradeep = lamp
Preshti = Ray of Light
Prakash = light

Rajdeep = Light of Kings
Rajika = Lamp

warnaprabha = golden light

Vartika = Lamp
Vasatika = Morning light
Vedaprakash = light of knowledge
Vibhas = decoration; light
Viti = Light

Ujhala = Light
Usra = First light