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No Birthday party is a success without the fun games and the laughs the kids bring to a party. Here we are listing party games which are fun and easy to organize. Before you plan, find out how many days are left for Birthday using our calculator.

Musical Island

You will need a small piece of cloth, carpet or card board that one person can stand on. Alternatively you can use a hoola-hoop (a big ring). This is the "island".

Ask your children to stand in a rough circle around the island. Now start the music and the kids have to walk/dance around in a circle, taking turns to stand on the island.

When the music stops, whoever is standing on the island must drop out of the game. If nobody is on the island you continue to the next round.

The prize winner is the last person who gets to the island.

Musical Statues

This simple party game is similar to musical chairs - except you don't need chairs!

Everyone dances around to your music until you stop it. The kids must then freeze completely - in whatever dancing position they were in. Anybody caught moving is out of the game.

Start the music again fairly quickly and keep repeating until you have a winner. The players who are out can help you spot any statue movements.

Pass The Parcel

Wrap up a gift in wrapping paper, then hide several more sweets and smaller gifts in different layers of the wrapping paper. Ensure you have enough layers for the number of children playing.

To play the game, get everyone sitting in a tight circle, then start the music. The kids must pass the parcel around from person to person, until you stop the music. Whoever has the parcel when the music stops can unwrap a layer and claim the prize in that layer (if there is one). Keep going until somebody wins the main prize.

Please make sure you stop the music at the right spot to ensure everyone gets a turn to unwrap a layer.

London Bridge

You need two players who become the towers of the London Bridge. They clasp hands and raise them to form an arch. The rest of the players have to walk under the arch one by one singing; London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, London Bridge is falling down, My fair lady!

When they sing the verse, "My fair lady," the players drop the arch and trap someone in their arms. This person will the child who has been a tower for the longest amount of time, and the game continues. There are no winners or losers in this game. It ends when the kids get tired of it.

Traffic Lights

You will need three colored cards for this. Cut out a red circle, a green circle and a yellow circle. Or you can just use white card and co lour the same.

Now get the music playing in the background and ask your party kids to start "driving" around the room, making engine noises and horn sounds. They can pretend to be buses, lorries, car, bikes etc.

Every few minutes you hold up a colored card and shout

"Stop - the lights are Red!" or
"Slow down - the lights are Yellow!" or
"Go, go, go - the lights are Green!".

If the lights are red, the kids must stand absolutely still. If they are yellow they must slow right down. On green they can run around normally.

Whoever misses the signal is out of the game. You can ask the non players to spot the wrong vehicles.

Pin The Tail On Donkey

Get a big picture of a Donkey, or draw one without a tail. Stick it up on a Thermocol or card board. Make a cut-out tail or use a ribbon and have a pin attached to it.

Now blindfold a kid and ask him/her to pin the tail onto the donkey in the right place. Spin him round a few times before you let him go for more fun.

Have everyone in the room help the kid by giving hints like "you're near" etc. At the end, give the prize to the kid who had the tail at the closest spot.

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