Record baby firsts, record stages of growth of your baby

As Parents, you will be amazed at the way your baby grows. From an infant to a toddler, each stage in life happens in a progressive manner and it will be fun to record them and re-collect them at a later point of life.

Here we present you with a table which you can print and use it to record the fist happenings in your baby's growth. If you feel we need to add any more events to this list, send the suggestion to

Our Baby's Event Calendar

Event Date
Baby's first smile was on  
Baby first turned and slept on stomach on  
Baby first started crawling on  
Baby's first big laugh happened on  
Baby first called Mother on  
Baby first called Father on  
Baby's first tooth appeared on  
Baby first sat without support on  
Baby stood with support on  
Baby started walking with support on  
Baby stood without support on  
Baby first sang on  
Baby first danced on  
Baby's first hair cut was on  
Baby stood without support on  
Baby started walking without support on