Alphabet chart to avoid Corona Virus

Follow these alphabetical list of simple things to avoid Corona virus infection.

A - Avoid Crowd and crowded place

B - Beware of fake news, donot spread fake news

C - Clean your hands often

D - Don't go out

E - Eat right food to improve immunity

F - Fitness, exercice at home

G - Gathering should be avoided

H - Hand sanitization using alcohol based sanitizer

I - Inside the home, stay indoor

J - Join fight against Corona

K - Kindness towards less previleged

L - Love your family

M - Meditatation

N - No to handshake

O - Offer help to each other

P - Pratice your passion

Q - Quarantine yourself

R - Regular exercise, do not stay idle

S - Social distancing

T - Traveling is not allowed

U - Use masks

V - Visit your doctor online using tele medicine

W - Weaponiszed immune system

X - Xtra precaution for elders

Y - Your awareness is a prevention

Z - Zero face touching