The crows and the serpent-Stories from Panchatantra for your children, bed time stories, moral tales

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Long time ago there lived a crow couple who had built a nest on top of a tree. But unfortunately the tree was inhabited by a serpent at its bottom. So the serpent used to crawl up the tree and eat all the eggs that the lady crow used to lay. The crow couple were deeply grieved and when this happened time after time, they decided that the serpent has to be get rid off by a plan.

So the crow approached his friend jackal and asked for a plan. The jackal then told him to go and fetch a costly thing from the palace of the king and throw it in the burrow of the snake. The crow went to palace, and stole a necklace of the queen while she was bathing. The guards of the palace ran after it. The crow then dropped the necklace in the burrow of the snake beneath the tree.

The guards on reaching the bottom of the tree found the necklace guarded by the serpent. They then killed the serpent and recovered the necklace. The crow family was now happy that their eggs were safe now.

Story moral: Intelligence wins over might.

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