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He was the King of the Himalayas who had incarnated as a bear in order to serve Lord Rama. He is also considered as the King of bears and first son of Brahma, before humans were created. Jambavan was present when the churning of the ocean took place and was supposed to have circled the world seven times.


King of Mithila, father of Sita devi who was wife of Lord Rama.


A King who conducted a great sacrifice for the well being of the human race.


A name of Lord Krishna.


A rakshasa, father-in-law of Kamsa, Son of Brihadratha. Mighty King of Magadha of whose prowess all Kshatriyas were afraid. Killed by Bhima in a thirteen-day non-stop physical combat with Sri Krishna and Arjuna as witnesses.

Jarita, Laputa

Female companions of a saranga bird, who was a rishi named Mandapala in his previous birth.


A demon killed by Bhima.


A spiritual discipline in which a devotee repeats a mantra or the name of God.


The Jataka is a voluminous body of folklore and mythic literature. The story of Rama is told in one of Jatakas.


A Rakshasa who disguised himself as a Brahmin and carried Yudhishthira, Sahadeva, Nakula, and Draupadi. He was overtaken and killed by Bhima.


Jatayu was King of all the eagles-tribes, the son of Aruna and nephew of Garuda. Had the form of an eagle, and tried to rescue Sita from Ravana while being taken away to Lanka.


A son of King Dhritarashtra, who was killed by Bhima in the war


A warrior on the side of Kauravas who closed the breach effected by Abhimanyu in the Chakravyuha formation by Dronacharya and trapped him inside.


A kinsman of the Pandavas.


A warrior fighting on the side of Kaurava.


The charioteer of Rituparna, King of Ayodhya, who accompanied with Bahuka.


Knowledge of the eternal and real.

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