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Plough-weaponed, an epithet of Balarama who wielded a plough as his weapon.


Son of Vayu and Anjana. Devotee of Sri Rama, who possessed extraordinary powers.


Hari is another name of Lord Vishnu.


Harivamsa is an important work of Sanskrit literature. It is a kind of appendix to the Mahabharata, has 16,375 verses and focuses specifically on the life of Lord Krishna.


Hastinapura is the capital and the Kingdom of the Kauravas, the descendants of Kuru, which include the Pandavas. The throne of this city is the prize over which the great war of Mahabharata was fought.


A powerful Asura, who had yellow eyes. He was a cannibal, and dwelt in the forest to which the Pandavas retired after the burning of their house of lac. He had a sister named Hidimbi, whom he sent to lure the Pandavas to him; but on meeting with Bhima, she fell in love with him. By his mother's desire Bhima married her, and by her had a son named Ghatotkacha.


Hiranyakashipu was an Asura, and also a King of Dravida whose younger brother, Hiranyaksha was killed by Varaha, one of the avatars of Vishnu. Identical with Shishupala and Ravana.


Hiranyaksha was an Asura of the Daitya race, and a King of Dravida who was killed by Lord Vishnu after he took the Earth to the bottom of the ocean. He had an older brother named Hiranyakashipu.


Holika was a demoness who was killed on the day of Holi. She was the sister of King Hiranyakashipu. The story of Holika's conflict signifies the triumph of good over evil.


Lord Krishna. A Hindu pilgrim centre of importance.

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